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FlexyShop is a value-added cutting solutions provider of precision metals, plastics, ceramics, glass and many other materials. We also fabricate products for our customers throughout Canada.
Established in 2004, FlexyShop is a leading source of quality precision cutting and fabricated products. From machine parts for the high tech electronics industry to fixtures for the marine industry, FlexyShop will design and build a product that best works for you.


Our fundamental business principle has always been to bring superior quality and service at competitive prices to our valued customers.
We continue to take a fresh and innovative approach in the development of our services and how we expand our business. Our aim is always towards excellence and building long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers. 
In today’s high-tech environment we have heavily invested in state of the art precision equipment which gives us a superior advantage in our marketplace.


These are common standard words for a company definition of their vision.

After all our main vision is to enjoy while working and you as our customer, enjoy working with us and make all of us a lot of money.


The people at FlexyShop are the reason we are able to serve you better. You'll know this is true when you work with us. From our administrative personnel to the machine operators you'll find a team approach and action oriented spirit. Only with open lines of communication and a unified stand on service and efficiency can you develop this kind of environment.

Burak Ataman


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